Welcome to C&T Billing Solutions

Did you know that outsourcing your billing can save your practice thousands of dollars annually and improve your cash flow?

Utilizing a billing service will allow you to save on overhead expenses such as salaries, payroll taxes, benefits, and printing/office supplies.  You will not have to invest in expensive billing software or train your staff every time there is a software update or change.  You will eliminate worrying about billing staff turnover.

Lets Get Started Now!..

Practices lose thousands of dollars each year due to untimely filing and inexperienced staff.  Our focus is to provide you with maximum reimbursement by making sure that your insurance claims are billed correctly the first time.  Our office is an extension of your office we can work with your staff to achieve maximum reimbursement for you.
C&T Billing solutions benefits:

  • Increase your on-going practice revenues by 15% - 25% (varies depending on AR & other key elements)
  • Reduce rejected and or denied claims
  • Recover lost revenue resulting from inefficient filing
  • You will receive your payments faster 7 to 21 days on most claims
  • We have a high efficiency rate approval on the first submission
  • You will have more time to devote to your patients




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