About to C&T Billing Solution

C&T Billing Solutions is a full service billing company providing services to a wide range of medical specialties. We employ only experienced billing professionals. .

By relying on our highly trained medical billing staff, you can maximize your practice's efficiency, and dramatically lower its expenses.  We fit our services to your needs, and offer highly customized training to get your practice on track quickly.
Our team is unbeatable, and an industry leader in medical billing.

An Easy Conversion!..

Naturally, the process of converting your practices to our billing system will be as unique as your practice.  Every practice we work with has a different situation, so we adapt our services to meet your exact needs. 

We establish procedures and timelines that are specific to your current situation. 

Regardless of the services you end up choosing to implement, the full power of our Claims Management System will quickly maximize your revenues.





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